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Paranormal places provide an investigation service free of charge in Lancashire, Merseyside, cheshire, Greater manchester and North Wales to members of the public or business's.

If you are experiencing any paranormal activity at your home or place of work, and would like an investigation and explaination of the happenings, call us in strict confidence at:-


Email -



psychic attacks, spirits, cold spots, odd noises / taps, electrical stuff breaking, dark shadows, feeling like being watched, strange smells, something out of corner of your eye, a feeling of actual presence , feeling someone actually touch you and many more..If you believe your house is haunted, please contact us you may want a house cleansing. Paranormal activity that causes threatening or harassing events to occur either by physical manifestation or psychological harm can be commonly cured by an age old cleansing ritual know to the paranormal community as smudging. we will also tune into the spirit and find out who it is

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