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This page contains a selection of photographs taken on our investigations of locations with a history of paranormal sightings.


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Walton Hall Warrington, Cheshire 2013

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1. Walton hall was built in 1836–38 for Sir Gilbert Greenall, 1st Baronet, brewer and Member of Parliament. The local authority website states it was designed by the Lancaster architect Edmund Sharpe. However this is not confirmed by any authoritative source. When Sir Gilbert died in 1894, the house was inherited by his son, Gilbert Greenall, 1st Baron Daresbury, who lived there until his death in 1938.

2. Picture taken during a night time investigation, during a vigil in an ajoining room a loud bang was heard coming from this ground floor room, several photographs where randomly taken at various points in the room, on this one frame a figure was noticed on the lawn outside the room, seen through the window in the centre pane.

3. Close up of the figure on the lawn.

4. This photograph was taken in an upstairs room, it appears to show a head of a man.

5. Enhanced close up of picture 4

6. Picture 4 infra red photograph.



Rothley station, Leicestershire June 2010

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1. Rothley railway station is a heritage railway station on the preserved section of the Great Central Railway's London Extension. Built to the standard island platform pattern of country stations on the line, it originally opened on 15 March 1899 and has been restored to late Edwardian era condition, circa 1910.

2. One of the apparitions reported at the station is of a woman in Edwardian style clothes. this photograph was taken on the platform at approx 3am

3. The ghost of a young boy has been seen near thes stairs, after analysing the photograph a shadow was noticed on the wall on the bridge archway, we can verify the location of all our team members at the time, as the only light source was the camera flash a person should have been in the foreground between the camera and the bridge.

4. Close up of the shadow on the bridge wall.

5. During a lone vigil at the far end of the platform one of our investigators heard footsteps on the gravel path, this photograph taken at the time shows a large orb in the vicinity of the footsteps.

St James cemetery, Liverpool

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1. St James's Cemetery is an urban park behind the Liverpool Cathedral that is below ground level. Until 1825, the space was a stone quarry, and until 1936 it was used as the Liverpool city cemetery.

2. The tomb of William Huskison, the figure of a man dressed in victorian clothes has been wittnessed on many occasions throughout the last century, it is believed to be the spirit of William Huskison who is haunting his final resting place. William Huskisson PC (11 March 1770 – 15 September 1830) was a British statesman, financier, and Member of Parliament for several constituencies, including Liverpool. He is best known today, however, as the world's first widely reported railway casualty as he was run over by George Stephenson's locomotive engine Rocket.

3. This photograph taken at the undisturbed east end of the cemetery appears to show a young girl dressed in maids clothing.

4. Photograph of a column of mist rising from the ground.

5. Several sightings of ghostly children have been reported in the cemetery, could these two misty figures be two spirits of children still playing in the grounds.

6. This picture was taken using a full spectrum camera, this ribbon of energy was captured although it could not be seen with the naked eye.

7. This picture shows a large orb in the lower left corner and what appears to be a dark figure standing behind the grave stones.

Lancaster Castle, Prison section

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1. Lancaster Castle is a medieval castle in Lancaster in the English county of Lancashire. Its early history is unclear, but may have been founded in the 11th century on the site of a Roman fort overlooking a crossing of the River Lune

2. "A" wing, male prison cells, it is in this section that prison officers have alegedly seen figures walking on the landings after all the prisoners had been locked in their cells.

3. A cell in the female section, it was here that a prison officer was assaulted by an unseen entity, he was terrrified to such an extant that he had to be sedated, after a few weeks sick leave he returned to the prison, but the experience was so traumatic that he could not re-enter the prison and had to be transfered to another facility.

4. The group performed a seance on the site of the victorian gallows, they seemed to have contacted a female prison warder from the early 19th century.

5. The upper landing of the male wing, while here the group heard rapping sounds coming from the far end of the landing, when they asked the spirit to make a noise again a metal builders ladder that was on the far side of the landing was heard to rattle.

6. and 7. The first picture shows the entrance to the witches cell, the second picture shows a shacke fixed to the floor, it is claimed that this was the cell that the famous Pendle witches where kept in during there trial, while conducting a seance in here a medium associated with GCUK Paranormal group claimed to have seen the face of a haggard old woman, it affected her so strongly that she had to be escorted out by another member of the group, we continued the seance asking the spirits questions using a K2 meter to obtain YES/NO responses, this produced some very positive results.

Croxteth Hall Liverpool, June 2017

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